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Anonymous sent: Hi, I'd like to know ways to lose weight mainly in my lower body. I have a pear-shaped body, my hips and thighs are too huge for my liking :/ I'm 150cm and 45kg if that info is necessary. thanks in advance! :D

you can’t target weight loss, you’ll have to lose weight all over your body (so cardio/exercise and diet), you can focus on exercising mainly your thighs and your glutes to build some muscle that will give you a slimmer look.
Also look at this

If there’s anything in more specific that you’d like to know please ask :) Good luck!

Anonymous sent: Hai!! I'm stuck, can you maybe help me? I've lost 35 lbs since December, but I still can't get rid of all this tummy fat, I'm a dancer and my costumes look awful because they're all made for small dancers. What can I do to get rid of my belly fat? Thanks much!!

Eat as clean as possible, exercise your abs, and cardio! All of this together will give you a flat tummy, but make sure to eat clean otherwise exercising will be useless.
some foods that help with your abs are: almonds/nuts, beans, legumes, spinach, dairy, oatmeal, eggs, lean meat, olive oil, whole grains, berries,
go through my tips page as well :). Hope it helps!

Anonymous sent: Hey I have a question and no seems to address this properly... Anyway i have been doing track for a year now (long distance). Do k-pop girls run? or do they walk? If so, at what speed and for how long. It seems as if they only walk or jog lightly. Does running slim them down? or does it bulk up thighs? p.s. I am overweight about 130 lbs and exactly 5 ft! I have been following your blog for a year as well!

Yes they do run! running long distance is a really good form of cardio, it slims you down and doesn’t bulk your thighs and calves.
Just run at a normal speed and try to go on for as much as you can- you can go increasing your time every time that you build up more endurance.
Jogging is okay too! Walking isn’t as effective- of course to keep yourself as active as possible you can take walks when you have more free time and for example walk rather than using other forms of transportation, but you have to exercise on top of that.
Thank you for your support and good luck :)!

Anonymous sent: hello! can i ask for some advice on how to quit binge eating while on a diet?

-stop thinking of it as a diet
-try more types of healthy food
-eat more slowly (your body needs time to know that it’s actually full)
-drink a lot of water
-Maybe you’re being too strict with your diet, allow yourself to have something unhealthy once in a while, if you’re too strict with what and how much you’re eating you’ll end up bingeing.
-eat more frequently throughout the day (but in smaller portions) so that you won’t feel hungry.
-if you feel like eating a lot choose to eat a lot of low calorie food or at least just healthy food, it’s always better than binge eating on junk.
if you’re struggling with cravings take a look at this
this can help as well

I hope I helped a bit.



Quinoa Brunch Fruit Salad

For the salad:
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1 tablespoon Demerara sugar
8 cups quinoa, cooked according to standard directions
1 pint raspberries
1 pint blueberries
4 kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced
1/2 cup toasted coconut

For the dressing:
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, loosely packed
1/3 cup brown rice syrup
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1/4 teaspoon salt
juice of 6 limes

Anonymous sent: Hello! I just was browsing until I came across this blog. I'm trying to lose weight for my graduation (that's coming in early June). I'm about 5"1 and 113 lbs. Most people say that's normal for my height, but I have a lot of "hidden fat" (if you know what I mean T__T). I want to lose fat in my stomach, thighs and arms (basically everywhere). I don't have access to gyms, and every time I go on a diet, there's something that ruins it. Any help or suggestions? Thanks in advance! :)

Hello! Yes I know what you mean :)!
Don’t think of it as a diet, diets and boring and stressful, think of it as a lifestyle change, you want to eat healthy and exercise because it’s genuinely good for your health, gives you more energy and makes you feel amazing.
Simple changes like these ones already help.
Keep your kitchen free from junk and processed food so that those won’t be an option when you’re feeling hungry! Instead fill it with healthy food like these.
As always if it helps you to, eat smaller but more frequent meals.
Snack on fruit, veggies, smoothies, etc
Have something “unhealthy” every once in a while, like ice cream, chocolate… to kill off your cravings, we all need food that is good for our soul every once in a while :).
Eat clean, drink lots of water (sometimes you feel hungry but really you’re just thirsty, so keep yourself hydrated) have green tea as well if you like it! and get enough sleep.
This should give you an idea of how to eat.
And of course, exercise, don’t forget cardio that burns fat all over your body.
That’s basically it really, just eat as healthy as possible and exercise whenever you can and you will be alright! You have time so take it easy, you’ll look great for graduation (even if I bet you look great right now too!)
I wish you luck, if there’s something that wasn’t clear/if you want to know anything else feel free to ask again :) <3.

Anonymous sent: i used to weigh 51 kg while being 5'2 and i didn't have that big of a problem because i used to workout alot and kinda choose healthier food but ever since winter and winter break came i was just so lazy to the point i have gained 6 killos and that's not the worst part.. my belly is very ugh i look like i'm 2 months pregnant.. what can i do beside working out every other day to get back to the way i used to be

Definitely be more careful about what you choose to eat! 
Even if you don’t exercise that much, if you eat healthy and in the right portions you would still lose weight (especially if the weight you are at isn’t your body’s usual/natural weight) but you wouldn’t be as toned as you would be if you exercised.
So focus more on what you’re eating rather than how much you’re exercising. 
Make healthier choices, and eat as clean and as close to organic as possible, avoid processed food.
Eat smaller meals but more frequently throughout the day to keep yourself full and to keep your metabolism working.
here and here are some ideas of what to eat.
Be patient and think positive.
Good luck :)!

Anonymous sent: hi! I want to lose 3 kg by the end of march. I do soccer 3 days a week and im trying to eat less for lunch and dinner. Any tips on what to do and eat?

eat smaller meals but more frequently throughout the days this might give you an idea of what I mean.
Have a good breakfast to start off your day, to kick start your metabolism and to reduce cravings throughout the day. Plan to eat something that is source of good carbs, fibre and/or protein. 
Here are some ideas.
I would rather accompany my lunch with some complex carbs (pasta, rice, bread…) because it gives you energy, while for dinner go for veggies and source of protein (meat, fish). Try to make your plate look like this.
This is really general but don’t forget your dairy, legumes and healthy fats.

Snack on anything healthy throughout the day like fruit, veggies, nuts, yogurt, some cheese, ect, (here are some ideas) the important thing is that you keep balance, distribute your food correctly around the day, vary what you eat and have all of your vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats etc.
Click here to have more ideas of how to eat and here to have more ideas of what to make and cook.

Good luck :)!