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A blog to share health and fitness through kpop.

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Anonymous sent: Is all the exercises you put on this page be considered strength training except the cardio exercises?

strength training is weight training, so no I wouldn’t consider the exercises on my page to be strength training :).

Anonymous sent: Hello! I don't really know how to phrase this question but who are some idols that are a good body inspiration? I don't want to become stick skinny like the majority of the idols, I want instead a healthy average body. Do you know any idols that I can use as my inspiration to lose weight? I'm not really sure if this makes sense but thank you! ^_^

Hi! Sure haha! I just linked you the first ones I thought of :)
-Hyosung (and the rest of Secret, really) (x)
-uee (x)
-jaekyung (x)
-suzy (x)
-sojin (x)
-ailee (x)
-hyoyeon (x)
-jiyeon (x)
-kyungri (x)


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Anonymous sent: Im 14 y.o and I weigh 55 kg and my arms looks fat and also my thighs can youvhelp me? To makr my body looks like kpop bodies?

Eat healthy, do some cardio (running/jogging, skipping rope, bicycle, swimming…) and keep active or if you can sign up for a sport it will keep you in shape and you’ll enjoy yourself!
You’re still young and your body still needs to shape up so don’t worry too much about it and since you’re growing you need enough food and the right nutrients to do so, in a matter of time you’ll probably grow taller and if there’s any extra weight you’ll lose that naturally.

You can find exercises here :).

Anonymous sent: I love your blog* I need your help. I have the tendency to accumulate fat in a really weird part of my body: my back. Specially my upper back, right bellow the neck. It even looks like i have a mini hunch and I can't were a ponytail or everyone will see it. Do you know any good exercises for this area?

Thank you but I’m so sorry but I actually don’t know ):. 
Give this a look though for back exercises. 
And try to lose some overall fat that might help too.

Anonymous sent: i used to not have love handles but they starting appearing a while ago :( do you know any exercises that target that area?

-bicycle crunch
-russian twist 
-side plank with leg raise
-crisscross crunch
-double sided Jackknife 
-lunge twist
-standing side crunch
-hula hoop

-these and other abs exercises help too.
-cardio and healthy eating will help you lose overall fat since you can’t spot reduce.